Monday, April 28, 2008

Belly dance vs. Burlesque

Since creating the wildly popular Bellydance Superstars, producer Miles Copeland has become one of the most controversial figures in our dance community. His views are not always popular, but I thought his Gilded Serpent post on the blending of belly dance and burlesque, which you can find here, was interesting and thought-provoking. I'm not sure I've made up my mind yet. I can see the argument for dancers having a social responsibility, and I can also see an argument for dancers being free to express themselves in whatever way they choose.

I'm curious to know what others think. Care to share your thoughts?

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Egyptian Dancer I said...

I for one, am old fashioned by nature, conservative, but enjoy new ideas, creativity, and art in all forms. However, there is a line that has to be drawn, kind of like how I Love Lucy never had "bad words", but just watch an episode of Friends (like I did the other night with my daughter) and you will hear at least three "off color" remarks including profanity.

I felt encouraged after reading this article by Miles Copeland. He articulated how I feel almost exactly. Belly dancing is belly dancing and it should stay as authentic as possible. For years I have tried convincing my family that belly dancing is an art form and a passion, not a strip tease dance.

I get offended when I see burlesque (or nudity) and belly dance together in what is supposed to be a "belly dance show" and I also will never support a dancer who promotes it.

Thank you Mr. Copeland!