Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bellydance Showcase debuts in Placentia

Members of the fledgling OC Bellydance Meetup Group held their inaugural Bellydance Showcase on April 28 at Sophia's Greek restaurant in Placentia. We were happy to hear from Rachel, the group's founder and event organizer, that the showcase was a hit.

Here's what she says:

"Our first bellydance showcase was a resounding success. The dancers were Perizad (pictured left), me (pictured above), Fatin, Aminah, and Farah (pictured below). Fatin and I were dancing for the very first time in front of an audience. The audience was very supportive and forgiving. Clips are on YouTube under 'oc bellydance showcase.'

"Perizad was the hostess for the first Showcase, and she did a great job. We had a large turnout, and I got to meet lots of great people. Next time we will start the dancing later to let people get their food first. It was a bit chaotic with dancers and waiters trying not to bump into each other. LOL!

"After the performances, we put on the music and let everyone dance ... definitely my favorite part of the night.

"We did forget to pass the tip basket around. Oh,well."

Rachel adds that the group is already working to schedule the next date. Check for updates.

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