Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ban-dal's ch-ch-changes

Over the past few years, Ban-dal has distinguished itself as one of the region’s most popular tribal fusion troupes. These dancers blend traditional American Tribal Style movements with fun, upbeat choreographies to create performances that never fail to entertain. (Think I’m kidding? Check out the troupe’s “Thriller” and “Dancing Queen” videos on You Tube, here and here, respectively.)

Like any troupe, they’ve had a few member changes here and there, but they’ve weathered them all with grace. Now they have a new challenge: Abby Duval, who has held the role as the troupe’s director, is relocating. Here’s her announcement:

“…I wanted to let everyone know that August 1st, I am going to be moving to Arizona for a while” … [personal reasons removed as a courtesy]. … “I plan to be out here ALL THE TIME though, for my family and friends and the dance troupe, Ban-dal is still here, and they are still my life. Ban-dal will still be performing, but just maybe not as much. … I appreciate everyone's support, and hope to see some of you very soon!”

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying we’re going to miss having Abby all to ourselves in Orange County. She’s not only a great dancer, but a great motivator and has been one of the only tribal teachers in the county (thank goodness we still have Sooz and Sashi).

Abby told me today she’s in the process of updating the troupe’s Web site (www.ban-dal.com) with new performance information. Check it, and make a point of seeing these terrific dancers if you can. Abby adds that the Web site will also be the place to keep up with the troupe’s schedule after she moves, so be sure to bookmark it and check it often. And don’t forget to wish her well.

(You might not be able to read the credit on the main photo. It was taken by Richard Lowe Jr. at Gothla U.S. in February, and used with gratitude and appreciation.)

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