Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Worldfocus": Egyptians Express Views on America video segment

So I was channel surfing last night and I happened to come across this "Worldfocus" news segment on Egyptians' views on America.

The nearly 4-minute clip includes several interesting man-on-the-street-type interviews with ordinary Egyptians about their views on Americans (they seem to like America and Americans in general, but don't like Bush or the recent government's military policies). There's also some history on U.S.-Egypt political ties and Egyptian government officials' views tossed in. Some of the interviews take place in a multi-story shopping mall n Cairo that looks like something you'd find in any U.S. city, complete with a Radio Shack, McDonald's and Papa John's pizzeria.

The journalist is Hoda Osman, who spent her first 26 years in Cairo and returned to sample current opinions, according to the organization's Web site. You can also read producer Sally Garner's blog post on the segment here.

Tonight, another segment on Egypt is set broadcast, this time focusing on women who choose to wear the veil. I've already set my DVR. If you're interested in tuning in, you can find show listings for your area here.

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