Sunday, April 17, 2011

Renaissance Faire 2011

I think we may have picked the hottest day of the year to visit Ye Olde Renaissance Faire, but who cares about 90-degree weather with great friends like these.

There's no shortage of handsome and chivalrous young men at the faire, and this one's mine. (Lucky me!)

Michael, the kind and generous official faire photographer, has taken my pictures these past few years, so I felt brave enough to ask him to be in one with me. Thanks, Michael!

The Danse Macabre folks are always fun to watch.

Faire folk are so clever. He's an Old World deep sea diver.

Kindra, the lovely and talented henna artist at work here at the Maharani Mehandi tent, is responsible for....

My lovely henna design. Thank you, Kindra!

Of course we spent a lot of time here at the Trader's Market stage. It's where the belly dancers perform.

This is Baba Ku. I always enjoy watching these lovely dancers and listening to these amazing musicians.

The other group that performed on the stage was Seraphim Mora, and they also had great dancers and terrific musicians.

When the Queen's Progress interrupted their performance, the group offered this lovely salute.... The bow... And here she is -- God save the Queen. And the performance continued without a hitch... And here was my big deal of the day, a Hearts Delight corset. Fitted by the master of corsets himself, Vincent. I can't even begin to do justice to this man's skill. Yes, ladies, he is that good.


Kindra said...

It's your henna artist Kindra! I found your blog totally by chance!
I'm so glad you liked your henna.
Please feel free to post a pic of it on my website


DeAnna Cameron said...

Hello! I loved it -- and I'm going to go post the pic now :-)

vintagestyle360 said...

Very lovely shots!! I am the director of Seraphim Mora, Marque Bissell!!! Hope you had an excellent time with our show!!!
This year is the faire's 50th anniversary. Hope you can make it out!

DeAnna Cameron said...

Hello, Marque! We wouldn't miss the show. Thank you for stopping by.