Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photos from Merry's Halloween Hafla

What a great, great event at Merry's on Saturday. So many wonderful dancers, so much wonderful music. And I think the crowd that gathered on the street to watch the festivities might've set a record for Merry's.

Thank you, Katerina and Merry, for putting together such a terrific Halloween Hafla.

The musicians, from left, Austin Cameron and Ed Lee, and from Kara Nomadica Brett Bowman and Marc Cornelius

The coordinator of the evening, Katerina, led the lineup of dancers.

Ra'eesa (otherwise known as science fiction/fantasy author Leslie Ann Moore) performed a rousing cane dance.

The Om Sisters added some Halloween flair to their tribal fusion.

The members of Troupe Bastet sparkled during their cabaret number.

Tehani performed a belly dance / hula / hip hop fusion piece.

Stasiah lit up the crowd with her balancing act, followed by an energetic Gypsy piece.
We got to see Katerina perform again with her Kabuki Dolls tribal fusion group.

And the star attraction for the night was master instructor and internationally acclaimed performer Fahtiem -- what an amazing opportunity to see this amazing dancer in such a fun and intimate setting.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Update on the Halloween Hafla at Merry's

You aren't going to miss tomorrow's Halloween Hafla at Merry's Fashion with Passion boutique in Long Beach, are you? I didn't think so :-)

And the lineup has grown since my last post (as lineups tend to do...)

Here's the latest:

Sarah al Nour
Om Sisters
Troupe Bastet
Kabuki Dolls
and very special guest Fahtiem

And you won't want to miss the Middle Eastern music by Marc Cornelius and Brett Bowan of Kara Nomadica, along with guest musicians Ed Lee and my husband, Austin.

The event will take place from about 5 to about 8, at Merry's (2747 E. Broadway, Long Beach). The music and dancing will get underway about 5:30, and you can bet they'll be drawing a crowd. You should plan to arrive early to avoid the parking crunch and to be sure to get a good spot to see the entertainment...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Where are the O.C. belly dance events?

I've been bad, I know... It's been way, way, WAY too long since I've updated the events calendar. I've finally gotten around to it, though, but I can't find any Orange County events!?

Only out of county stuff...

So if you know of something in O.C., please let me know either by leaving a message in the comments section or dropping me a note at deanna AT deannacameron DOT com.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Merry's Halloween Hafla on Oct. 24

Mark your calendar: Merry's Fashion with Passion boutique in Long Beach will be hosting a Halloween Hafla on Saturday, Oct. 24.

Coordinated by Katerina, the event will feature live Middle Eastern music by Marc Cornelius and Brett Bowan of Kara Nomadica, along with other special guests.

And, of course there will be some outstanding dancing. Here's the lineup:

*Om Sisters
*Sarah al Nour
*Ra'eesa (who in her other life is the talented writer Leslie Ann Moore, author of the Griffin's Daughter Trilogy)
*Katerina and the Kabuki Dolls

... and (drum roll, please)

* a special guest performance by master performer and instructor Fahtiem.

The event will take place from about 5 to about 8, and you can find Merry's at 2747 E. Broadway, Long Beach. (You can't miss it -- Henry the camel is always out front.)

Yeah, you can't miss this one. I know I won't.