Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A great review in The Chronicles

I was so delighted to open the summer issue of the popular belly dance magazine The Chronicles to find a wonderful two-page review of THE BELLY DANCER, by reviewer Karyana. The novel grew out of my love for belly dancing, which makes these accolades especially sweet.

Here are some highlights:

Ms. Cameron does a wonderful job of setting the tone of the book in late Victorian America. Her descriptions of the ornate houses, city streets, gas lamps, and even the smells of old Chicago, make the history of this particular era in America palpable.


But what about the belly dancers, you ask? This is where Ms. Cameron shines – you hear the drums, oud and ney as they accompany the troupe of Ghawazee dancers playing their zills. You see the hip drops, should shimmies and hip circles ...


Whew, this book has it all! ... As young women, as experienced women, as a dancer – you will love this book!

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