Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Available now: Belly Dance magazine's summer issue

The latest issue of Belly Dance magazine is out, and I'm excited to tell you about the two articles I contributed. The first, "GOTHLA U.S.: The Conjuring" (starting on page 38), features the terrific event that Sashi, Ariellah and Tempest presented in Fullerton in February. It was a weekend packed with workshops, performances, shopping and a gala show -- all in celebration of the dark and sublime side of belly dance.

The event was such a success -- dancers arrived from all over the country and even overseas to participate -- that plans are already in full swing for a February 2009 festival.

More information will be available soon at, and you can also see what's in the works at

I was thrilled to see that the feature was given star treatment in the magazine, with loads of great photos from Richard Lowe Jr. There was a mix up on some of the photos, though. I took the handful of smaller ones credited to Ruslan Batenko, and I hope he isn't upset by the error. The editor was juggling many photos from this event from a number of photographers and I know as a former editor myself, mistakes like that sometimes happen despite vigilant efforts.
The second article I contributed was a short review of Angelika Nemeth's CD, Angelika Unveiled (page 82). I was delighted to share my thoughts on this album, as anyone who knows Angelika knows she is a perfectionist. You better believe she brought the same attention to quality and detail she directs toward her performances to this collaborative effort with producer Raul Ferrando.

I hope you'll get the opportunity to read these articles and the many others that fill this season's issue. If you'd like more information about the magazine, visit

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